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Our investment and our capital lie in building a relationship of trust with our clients and protecting it.

Our work

Our approach is guided by excellence, precision, reactivity, pragmatism, efficiency, anticipation, creativity et complete implication of each member of the team.


Our flexibility enables us to better support our clients in their needs for a cost return ratio and creation of optimum value. Our entrepreneurial spirit guarantees the involvement and motivation of the teams. Our approach has a long term footing.

Flexible invoice

We offer a flexible method of invoicing adapted to each situation.

Suitable partners

Independent, NS2A conducts a selective non-exclusive “best friends” policy in France (mainly with its partner, the law firm Envergure) and regularly collaborates with specialized professionals (accounting expert, external auditor, solicitor, intellectual and industrial property consultant, customs consultant) and with foreign law firms as well.


Eventually, the firm runs formation cycles as part of the ENVERGURE FORMATIONS programs, which offer several formation seminars, in diverse law areas (employment law, corporate law, tax law, customs law and so on).