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Our ambition is to restore the true meaning of “partnership”.

The strength of the Envergure Law network

Our networks

The Envergure Law network is composed of two law firms: NS2A (www.ns2alegal.com), located in Paris in the eighth district and Envergure (www.envergure-avocats.fr) mainly located in Tours and Chinon.

Thus the Envergure Law network establishes a strong axis around Paris and the central region, between the two law firms, which profits to their clients and offers a large area of complementary expertise such as in business law, in M&A, employment law, tax, property law, and litigation activities, to the benefit of both firms’ clients.

Our teams

The two firms are independent structures, at human scale, and base their partnering on the bet of complementarity, proximity and flexibility.

The teams of the Envergure law network deliver a high standard of expertise and excellence, dispensed by experienced professionals, offering adapted global and legal solutions.

The two firms work together on a daily basis for similar clients (namely SME’s with a strong potential focused on international expansion and their executives) by meshing their expertise.

Our areas of expertise

Thus the Envergure law network offers a very large scope of legal expertise, necessary to develop adapted and global solutions. In this context:

  • The lawfirm NS2A operates, on a national and international scale, namely in the areas of company law, tax law, commercial law, contract law, but also in the sectors of M&A, business restructuring, private equity, business litigation.
  • The lawfirm Envergure operates mainly in the areas of employment and social security law, banking and consumer law, property and family law, real estate law, civil and criminal litigation, and enforcement.

Our identity

Our entrepreneurial spirit guarantees the involvement and motivation of the network’s members. Our approach has a long term footing. Call on our teams in the certainty of being able to benefit from know-how calling on pragmatism, based on tried and tested experience and actual presence in the field, at your side.

The teams of the Envergure law network regularly run formation cycles as part of the ENVERGURE FORMATIONS programs, which offers several formation seminars in diverse law areas (employment law, coportate law, tax law, customs law and so on).